Who We Are

About e-on software

Specializing in the natural world, e-on software creates, markets, and supports the highest quality 3D graphics products. 
Our flagship products, VUE and PlantFactory, have been presented with numerous computer graphics and animation awards worldwide.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver the most comprehensive, powerful, and user-friendly 3D Natural Scenery solutions to our equally passionate and creative users and customers. 


Our Values

We believe that the tools you choose are only as good as the support staff that stands behind them.


We’re here to help! Our team is thoroughly trained to provide fast, effective, and professional support.



Dedicated to providing our users with the most innovative and high-quality products. We listen to your needs and wants and use it to continually improve and grow. 


We aim to empower artists by providing them with intuitive tools to translate their passion for art into digital masterpieces.