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In the Spotlight: 

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams is a background/sky and lighting artist working in the gaming industry. Bryan discovered his passion of skies early on and was able to learn from other artists to grow and develop his passion to where he is today.

Julia Laatsch

Meet Julia Laatsch whose curiosity and light-hearted spirit helps her push the boundaries of her creativity through her photography. Julia’s unique way of combining computer graphics (CG) with photography has opened endless possibilities of what she can achieve in her work. 

Christian Hecker

Meet artist Christian Hecker, or as some may know him – ‘Tigaer’, whose love for movies, media, and technology drove him to enter a career in CG! Christian has worked on a number of projects throughout his career, but there’s no doubt his focus on creating stunning sci-fi and fantasy scenes has put him on the map!

Mikko Kriek

Mikko Kriek is an archaeological illustrator in charge of creating everything from historical and archaeological landscapes to architectural reconstruction illustrations and more for a number of international and domestic clients.

Andy Davenport

Meet award winning VFX artist, Andy Davenport! With over two decades of industry experience, Andy has had the chance to work on a number of projects from undersea environments to architectural animations, aviation backgrounds, and more!

Henry Strong

Meet 3D generalist and VR/AR developer, Henry Strong! Henry specializes in 3D, VFX, game development and film production. Now based in New York, Henry took some time out of the everyday excitement that comes along with living in the Big Apple to share his experiences with VUE! 

Mack Sztaba

Meet concept artist, Mack Sztaba. Mack has had experience working on multiple gaming and television projects throughout his career. Check out what he has to say about how he got started, his experience with VUE, and the advice he shares for newcomers. 


Meet concept designer and illustrator, Nihils. After working two years throughout several studios, Nihils decided to switch it up and began freelancing to give him more time to focus on the things he loves. 

Akpan Godwin

Akpan is skilled in areas like comic book illustration, character and environment design, props and vehicle designs, and more! Find out what Akpan has to say on using VUE to create his stunning artwork in this Spotlight Interview!

Jean Marie-Marbach

We revisited Jean Marie-Marbachs spotlight interview and invited him to our Paris office to discuss everything from his latest projects and experience with VUE to his latest Siggraph Award in Tokyo and top 3 tips for success! Watch his video now! 

Valmik Shah

Valmik Shah is a self-made 3D architectural visualizer and environmental artist. After beginning his career as a 3D cable stay bride designer in 2008, Shah decided it was time to create his own studio.

Rick Knox

We sat down with Richard Knox, a senior environment artist currently working for Certain Affinity. Richard has had the opportunity to work on many AAA titles throughout the years and looks to continually improve his skills, knowledge, and wisdom both personally and professionally.

Julian Bauer

Meet concept designer and illustrator, Julian Bauer. His attention to detail, unique style, and stunning images are why we decided to put Julian In the Spotlight! 

Ajdin Durakovic

Ajdin Durakovic is a director of photographic and computer graphics generalist currently working as a senior generalist in Grid-VFX studio. 

Dima Hibikirus

After leaving his career as a surgeon to pursue his passion of creativity and art, Dima Hibikirus has found success as a computer graphics (CG) artist in the gaming industry!

Marco Iozzi

Marco Iozzi is a matte painter and concept artist. With years of experience under his belt, Marco has worked in the visual effects industry for many well-known feature films and television series.

Sofronis (Saf) Efstathiou

Sofronis (Saf) Efstathiou works as a joint MA3D Program Leader and BFX Competition & Festival Director at Bournemouth University.

Artur Rosa

Artur talks with Digital Art Live about his love of the ocean, his philosophy of beauty, and the techniques he uses to make his pictures. 

Shaun Williams

Shaun is a 3D artist, sci-fi concept artist/animator and VR consultant. With over 20 years of experience, Shaun specializes in designing and modeling low and high poly environments, vehicles and props with a sci-fi theme. 

Jean-Marie Marbach

Jean-Marie is a director and VFX supervisor currently working as a freelancer, residing in France. His most recent projects include "L'oiseau qui danse", a particle-based music video for the Canadian electro band, Tennyson. 

Renaud Jungmann

Renaud Jungmann is the director of the VFX Workshop, a school in Paris. The VFX Workshop teaches all the techniques to be a computer graphist. Renaud aims at changing the way VFX and animation are taught. 

Ignacio Duran

Ignacio Duran is the director of El Azul Estudio, an architecture firm in Mexico that provides fully integrated architectural, engineering, and technical services, supporting all project phases. 

Alessandro Mancini

Alessandro is a freelance environment artist currently residing in Rome, Italy. His most recent projects include environment design for the movie "Genesis: Paradise Lose", 360 scenes for an event in Dubai to show a simulation of a future resort, and currently, he is working on environments for an attraction in a park. 

Alen Vejzovic

Alen Vejzovic is a concept artist currently residing in Gothenburg, Sweden. Here is what he has to say about his experience working as a concept artist and using VUE. 

Maciek Sikora

Maciek Sikora is a 3D artist who is currently residing in Longford, Ireland. Here's what he has to say about his experience working as a 3D artist and using VUE to create 3D CG environments. 

Scott Brisbane

Scott Brisbane, currently head of Matte Painting at Dreamworks Animation. His credits include; The Croods, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Avatar, and more. Scott has also worked at Weta Digital, Rhythm & Hues and Matte World Digital. 

Sumusu Yukuhiro

Sumusu Yukuhiro, the digital matter supervisor for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) was commissioned to create over 60 VFX shots for the epic second installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. 

Dark Hoffman

Dark Hoffman is a VUE artist currently working for MPC London. Dark started in the VFX industry when he was only 17 and learned all the secrets of floor effects (rain, wind, fire, etc.), prop and miniatures. 

Peter Baustaedter

Peter is a VUE artist currently working for Weta Digital. He entered the video production and advertising industry back in 1992. Since then, Peter has worked for high profile studios such as Digital Domain, Universal Studio, Electronic Arts, and The Orphanage. 

Spartacus: Vengeance & War of the Damned

The production of Spartacus posed unprecedented challenges; indeed, the logistics of successfully tracking and producing thousands of shots in less than twelve months was quite an achievement. 


Please meet Joachim Mazeau (Director) and Corentin Seguin de Broin (3D Artist), both working at Winship, a Paris based studio founded in 2008. Joachim studied Cinema at Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris and started to work as an editor in 2002. Corentin studied Visual Arts.


In spring 2005, Eran Dinur received an offer from Pi Global, a London based branding company that was working on a new package design for Twinings North America. They asked him to create a series of 3D scenery illustrations for the boxes of the Origins collection.