We're happy to announce our autumn sale of VUE, PlantFactory and PlantCatalog. Create beautiful environments with our tools and enjoy the most versatile plant library on the market. PlantCatalog now includes more than 180 species procedural vegetation species in multiple versions, totaling over 400 customizable 3D models with nearly 5000 preset variations!



Get 25% off on all annual licenses of VUE & PlantFactory and PlantCatalog*

All products 25 Percent off blog white

You can purchase multiple licenses (one year per each license) and activate them later when you need them**.

Annual licenses can be installed on two distinct machines and you will get all updates which are released while your license is valid.

Please note this is a time-limited offer. It will expire on October 3rd, 2023 included.



Isabelle Soulas


* Educational products, multi-year licenses, floating and monthly solutions are not included.

** The runtime of your annual license starts on the first day of activation and not on the day of purchase, so you can activate each license just when you need it.

Isabelle Soulas I joined e-on software in 2016 as Sales and Academic manager. Prior to this, I worked as EMEA Training Sales and Academic manager at Bentley Systems. I have a passion for serving our users as best as I can and ensuring they meet their professional outcomes. I try to be creative in bringing the best offers to our users and help professors inspire students with our solutions. On my spare time, I enjoy writing novels and short stories, reading, learning and spending times with my 3 lovely daughters.