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Cornucopia3D Announcement

Helen Leblanc

Aug 2019

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As you may have heard, we have decided to release all 2,000 assets we’ve developed over time to our community! You will be able to download the full content archive from the software center page on the new e-commerce platform, provided you are under one of our new Creator, Professional, or Enterprise solutions.

These collections will be released progressively in order to quality control the assets and update them, if necessary. We have already released a first batch of over 350 assets with the recent R3 release and can’t wait to see what you can create with them!

With that being said, we regret to inform you that we will not be reviving Cornucopia3D, our former community content store. Throughout the past few months, we have investigated as many avenues as possible to bring back the former content store on our new e-commerce platform and unfortunately have not been able to find any suitable solution to offer a user-friendly experience for both our customers and our 180+ vendors.

There are several reasons we decided not to revive Cornucopia3D, some of them being the sheer complexity of transferring 15,000+ items and accompanying descriptions, imagery, limitations, etc., making sure the brokering system (i.e. vendor commission computation and payments) works correctly on a multi-vendor basis, the re-implementation of on-the-fly content copy protection mechanisms, the in-software purchasing experience, and more.

On top of this, with our new e-commerce platform, re-creating these services would require a tremendous amount of work and investment (if at all feasible), when there are already various dedicated 3D asset stores available that offer top quality service.

Accessing your previously purchased content

If you had purchased some content on Cornucopia3D, you can still request these items to be sent your way. Fill in the our support form and we’ll generate downloadable archives for you.

Even license-locked content will work in legacy versions as well as in our current solutions. To access these, just request the appropriate Legacy License key from our support team.

Please note that we’ll do our best to maintain this service for as long as possible, but we may have to shut it down at some point. We encourage you to keep a secured copy of your content, just in case. 😊

If you had any unspent funds on Cornucopia3D

You may also have had some unspent funds on your Cornucopia3D account (outside of any free vouchers you may have received). Due to our original terms of service agreement, we are unable to process any refunds. Instead you can request this to be transferred to your account on the new e-commerce platform.

To begin your request, please fill in the form here, and make sure to provide your full information so that we can find your account as fast as possible (i.e. the e-mail address your C3D account was linked to).

Moving forward

While the Cornucopia3D content store will not be coming back, we are optimistic for what the future holds. From here on out we will be focusing our efforts more on developing our software and services to meet your needs and to continue fostering a community that inspires and supports one another. To accomplish this, we will also be looking into re-implementing things such as forums and galleries for all our users. 

We thank you for the incredible support you’ve shown over the past few years and we cannot wait to see what new opportunities lie ahead. 

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