After leaving his career as a surgeon to pursue his passion of creativity and art, Dima Hibikirus has found success as a computer graphics (CG) artist in the gaming industry!

Check out what he has to say on his experience integrating VUE into his everyday workflow and the advice he shares for other artists just starting out! 

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e-on software: What is your background?

Dima Hibikirus: I began working in the gaming industry fairly recently. About three years ago, an offer came from Gaijin Entertainment, a large Russian gaming company with three main online games (Crossout, War Thunder, and Star Conflict). They liked my work, and I gladly got down to business! Before that, it was just a hobby that I dreamed about doing as a career. Today, I’m working on the artwork for a new game that’s still in alpha testing and just received an offer from the film industry to create several posters for a fantastic TV series (of which I am not yet able to announce). I also have a lot of ideas I enjoy developing during my free time, especially as an artwork continuation of the Valkyrie War Thunder series.

By education, I’m a doctor (which is not as strange as it sounds), however there’s not enough space to give the background on that. It’s also hard to say what attracted me to a career in the gaming industry, but in short – everything. I enjoy the creation of art. My area of expertise is in 2D and 3D auxiliary programs as well as video design. However, it’s easier to list the programs I work in than my expertise. My hope for the future is simple – I want to create more beautiful and technically accurate images.

Hibikirus_Steel ChampionshipWhat is your experience with VUE and PlantFactory?

I have been using VUE for four years now and it’s changed my life. The first time I saw VUE, my jaw dropped from its ability to create beautiful landscapes. My favorite function in VUE is creating the atmospheres. All of my projects are, in one way or another, connected with VUE. It’s tightly integrated into my life and work flow. I use it either fully or partially in my scenes and really enjoy rendering my objects in it. My favorite project that I’ve worked on is “Space Travel,” but in general, I am proud of all my work and yet still consider them unfinished. Learning VUE happened through three different stages. At the beginning, I played around with the program without knowing too much of the basics. Then, I began watching tutorials and videos from Geekatplay studios and finally, after learning the basics, the easiest way for me to learn was through experimentation.

One of the greatest challenges as an artist is coming up with a scene that represents the future of art. There are times when an idea will come straightaway and other times when you’ll have 6-8 options that you need to alter. The way I organize my work depends on the project. Basically, I first work with VUE – loading 3D objects into it and adjusting the textures. I then work on the atmos- phere and the scene and finally, work in Photoshop. The other software I use depends on what I want to see. I generally use Daz Studio (for character creation), Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and a bunch of auxiliary. I generally follow my own technological process and try to reduce my work flow down to three programs. Recently, however, I have completely switched to VUE and the models are given to me already prepared.

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Do you have any advice to share?

My first tip is to just create, no matter what. If you put your soul into your work and aren’t afraid to experiment, I’m sure you will get noticed. Also, to remain competitive in the gaming industry you must stay up-to-date with the trends of the latest innovations in design, following the fashion, and also applying the experience of the past using the technology of the present. Do not be greedy about the cost of your work and always aim at improving and developing your skills. My inspiration comes from everywhere – film, art, the weather outside, music, my wife, etc., - all of this can be transferred to a picture in one form or another.

I would definitely recommend VUE to other artists – nowhere else will you be able to create such nature and atmospheres. Only in VUE can you portray the mood and life of the image. It is the only program that can create nature so effectively.

Thanks Dima! Check out all of his amazing work here: 

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