We sat down with Richard Knox, a senior environment artist currently working for Certain Affinity. Richard has had the opportunity to work on many AAA titles throughout the years and looks to continually improve his skills, knowledge, and wisdom both personally and professionally.

Richard was kind enough to share a little of that wisdom with us and his experience using VUE throughout his career in this Spotlight Interview! 

Knox_Skydome 6

What is your background?

I got started in the modding community in the late 90s. I learned many of the tools at that time and did a lot of free mods and so on. In 2001, I got my first paid contract. Today, I focus primarily on environment art. I have done a wide range of assignments from a variety of terrain, sci-fi interiors, realistic cities, and various skybox related assets. I am a lead artist, so I typically start the day checking out what has already been done, and then looking over what’s going to be put in the game in the coming days and weeks. In between those moments I also contribute to the team with assets, etc. Eventually I see myself handling larger teams and projects and being more involved in the vision for the games we make.

What is your experience with VUE?

I started using VUE a few years ago for a Halo project as an alternative to hand painting or photography manipulation. I have worked on a few projects that we were able to incorporate VUE with, namely Call of Duty and Halo. I had a project where I needed to create some planet variations for a sky in Halo and I was able to use VUE to come up with those, rather than hand painting them.

Throughout my work, we use a variety of planning software to determine tasks and assignments. When I do get time to work on things directly, I primarily use Maya for modelling and Substance Painter for texture work.


Do you have any advice to share?

Being an environment artist, I think is a rewarding profession, but it’s also hard work. It’s important to practice composition and to build a great portfolio showing many environments. VUE is a great program for helping to augment those visions. I have several VUE pieces on my own portfolio. There is also always something new to learn and programs are great tools to make an artist more effective, but probably the most valuable skill is to take feedback and use it to grow. I get my inspiration through ArtStation on a daily basis. I also create Pinterest boards of things I like, I watch movies, and I have set up my office to be an inspirational space.

I would recommend VUE to other artists and I have many times before. It’s great for achieving photo realistic panoramic backgrounds that the artist has a great amount of control over.

Thanks Rick! Don’t forget to check all his projects at: www.rickknox3d.com

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