We have just completed a new drop of 290 new static PlantCatalog assets on Sketchfab.

As of today, you will find over 1450 vegetation meshes from our Palms, Bushes, Broadleaf, Coniferous, Perennials and Succulents collections. The collection will be increasing, so check back regularly.

What’s New?

The following species have just landed:

  • Quercus rubra - Northern red oak (138 assets)
  • Quercus rubra seedlings (12 assets)
  • Quercus rubra leaf litter (36 assets)
  • Quercus rubra branch (3 assets)
  • Lupinus polyphyllus - Large-leaved lupine (18 assets)
  • Jacaranda mimosifolia - Blue jacaranda (40 assets)
  • Tsuga mertensiana - Mountain hemlock (43 assets)


All models on Sketchfab are based on the PlantCatalog HD quality plants. With each purchase, you receive the model in FBX, GLTF, GLB and USDZ* file formats with all texture maps. LODs are also available, and all meshes are exported with material blending and Ambient Occlusion baked into each mesh as vertex color data.

There's also a selection of free models to download right away, which has received 7 new models (all models shown on this article and a few more).



Single Sketchfab assets vs. PlantCatalog procedurals

All PlantCatalog plants on Sketchfab were exported from PlantCatalog procedural plants. We made sure to include the best settings for broad, cross-application asset usage. The exports were done as static meshes at the default mesh resolution (40%).

If you like the assets, but would like to tweak the export settings to fit more seamlessly into your specific pipeline of choice or you would like to get more variations from a selected species, we recommend our full PlantCatalog procedural vegetation collection with the included PlantCatalog Exporter software.

The procedural nature of the PlantCatalog species will allow you to choose your seed and mesh resolution, change any of the published parameters, set wind and breeze as well as automatically convert the shaders to Unreal Engine, Arnold, Redshift, RenderMan and V-Ray.

More about PlantCatalog


Get notified and share the love

We encourage you to follow our Sketchfab profile so that you can receive instant notifications when we publish new asset batches. You can also subscribe to the PlantCatalog free model collection to be notified when we add some free content.

And feel free to share any of your preferred models on social platforms or even embed the 3D viewers to your websites.

PlantCatalog on SketchfabBrowse the PlantCatalog collection on Sketchfab


(*) Please note that the USDZ conversion was performed from the FBX files from SketchFab’s own conversion scripts, and therefore the USD files imported into NVIDIA’s Omniverse tools will not be compatible with our PlantFactory and PlantCatalog live link and connector technologies.

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