Dear artists,

the new update for PlantCatalog was just released. For those of you who have never heard about PlantCatalog before, let me explain it quickly.

PlantCatalog is an evergrowing, standalone collection of high quality, procedural, animation-ready 3D vegetation models which fit into any VFX, archivz or real-time pipeline and which can be imported by most 3D applications.

With one annual license for the Catalog, you receive immediate access to all species, to the PlantCatalog Exporter and to integration plugins for major DCC applications.

Using these tools, you can edit and customize the plants with multiple features such as presets, published parameters, health, maturity or season to your liking and then export static or animated polygon meshes in a variety of 3D formats.

You can also generate an infinite number of variations from each species. Everything is built into just a single model. Best of all, everything you export is yours to keep and own forever, even for commercial use.

More about PlantCatalog

Today's update adds six grasses, four broadleef trees, two perennials, one groundcover item and 22 real-time versions of existing species.


Alongside this new release, we have added a full database of all PlantCatalog species with product pages to our website. So whether you are looking for inspiration or would like to know more about the features of a specific model, we hope you will enjoy the addition.

Browse the catalog

And finally, we created a dedicated YouTube channel just for the PlantCatalog. There, you can watch all PlantCatalog species in action. Subscribe and don't miss out on the next updates to the Catalog.

What's coming next?

The new R6 update for VUE and PlantFactory is right around the corner and will include new export features such as USD (Universal Scene Description). These features will also be made available for the PlantCatalog Exporter and the included plugins upon release. 

Also, we have received requests for more broadleaf trees common to Europe and North America. We are currently working on adding them to the Catalog in the coming releases.

Enjoy the new update and happy rendering.

Daniel Seebacher I joined e-on software in 2020 as Product Marketing Specialist, after having used VUE and PlantFactory for many years. I love sharing knowledge and helping the community. In my former jobs, I was responsible for agile software development as a Product Owner and for customer support, on-site workshops and KPI reporting. In my free time, I enjoy making music, cooking for friends, reading, cycling and all kinds of videogames and movies.