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Tips & Tricks: Feature Recap

Helen Leblanc

Feb 2019

Get your skills up to speed with our latest Tips & Tricks by Barry Marshall! 

Tips&Tricks with Barry Marshall

In case you've been stuck on a remote island for the past few weeks and have missed our most recent Tips & Tricks, then you're in luck! Check out our latest Tips & Tricks that cover a few of our newest features below! 

Metacloud Creation

In this video, we'll look at how to create and customize metaclouds by creating a simple base shape and using the new metacloud conversion tool. We'll then sculpt the metacloud further to create a cloud that suits your needs. 


Metacloud from a Mesh

Next, we'll show you how to create a metacloud from an imported mesh. We'll then sculpt the cloud further into a custom cloud form which will still have the basic form of the imported mesh, visible in the cloud formation.



PBR Materials

PBR (Physically Based Render) materials have become the standard in CG so in this video, we'll look at how to set up PBR materials in VUE.


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