Vladimir Chopine: Latest Tutorials

Helen Leblanc

Aug 2018

Did you know we publish tutorials by Vladimir Chopine on a regular basis? These tutorials will help you master your skills in VUE in no time! Check them out below! 

Banner Tutorials with Vladimir Chopine


Vladimir Chopine is a certified trainer from GeekatPlay - you may already be familiar with his numerous tutorials, but if not, now's the time to take your skills to the next level with his tutorials on VUE! 

We've recently released the tutorial on "How to Link Sun Positions and Material Light Intensity in VUE," on our YouTube Channel! But you can also be the first to check out his most recent tutorial on "How to Control Object Positions with Functions in VUE" and get ahead of the game! Download the full tutorial, here to start learning at your own pace! 


Looking for even more tutorials to help you master your skills? Look no further! You can find all of our latest Tips & Tricks, Webinars, and Tutorials on our Learn Page!


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