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VUE and PlantFactory 2016 R6.2

Matt Riveccie

Sep 2018

Hey everyone, a quick blog post to announce the immediate availability of a new set of software updates for VUE and PlantFactory 2016.

We've just released VUE and PlantFactory 2016 R6.2 Build # 2016603045.


The following is a list of bug fixes and improvements included in these updates:


  • [Environment map] Added new importance sampling option to improve image-based lighting
  • Fixed disappearing gizmos when OpenGL polygons limit is reached
  • Fixed wrong infinite terrain when reloaded from a fast-save or auto-save
  • Fixed potential crash with interface docking
  • Fixed regression: lost randomization when creating individual rocks.
  • Fixed object duplication not creating references
  • [HyperVue] Fixed animation saving in .mp4 format


  • Fixed export of branch transitions

Head over to the support page to directly download your updater.

All the best.

I was raised to grow a passion for image science and technologies. After graduating with an Engineer degree in Telecommunications, I joined e-on software back in 2003 as the PR Manager. During my time at e-on, I got involved in many aspects of the company: software business development, product road maps and go to market strategies, technical and customer service, sales and BtoB, project development and delivery, and a lot more. After Bentley Systems acquired e-on software, I have accepted embracing new challenges in becoming the Director of Product Management for e-on software products. On my spare time, I love traveling the world as an avid Landscape photographer, and also enjoy playing guitar.

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