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Matt Riveccie

Mar 2020

Dear Friends,

In these difficult times, we would like to reassure you on the commitment from our team to ensure the quality of service you deserve. The whole e-on software team is on ‘virtual’ deck, and in full throttle to continue developing and supporting the tools you use and love.

We understand that the whole entertainment industry will be totally shaken, with personal and professional consequences and an impact that no-one can easily forecast.

As professionals, parents, or simply as human beings, we want to help the community get through this endeavor as much as we possibly can.

We have therefore taken several decisions effective immediately and until April 15, 2020.


For all professionals in the CG industry:

For all of you for whom the whole business will be at risk or will slow down in the coming weeks, we are immediately lowering our licensing costs by 40% for the month to come (annual licenses only).

Professional_annual_40off Enterprise_annual_40off

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For all of you who are currently running Floating Enterprise licenses in your facility and will have artists confined home with no remote access to their tools, we’ll be happy to offer complimentary nodelocked licenses so that your artists can safely and securely work remotely from home.

Contact Sales


For our beloved Creators:

If you are already using our Creator Solutions (annual licenses or monthly subscriptions), we’d like to offer you 2 months of complimentary PlantCatalog Creator (1).

Request your PlantCatalog Creator 60-day License


For everyone who needs to stay home:

For all of you who are stuck at home, with maybe your kids or grand kids to look after, or simply looking for creative ways to spend your confinement time, we’d like to offer you 2 months of complimentary access to our Creator Solutions (2).

Request your Creator Solution 60-day License


Let us help you re-create these worlds you may be direly missing in the coming time – virtually – until it’s safe again to wander the marvels this earth has to offer.


Take good care of yourself, your loved ones, and let’s all please be safe!

With my warmest regards.

Matt Riveccie, Director of Product Management

e-on software


(1) Only one license will be granted by requester / license owner. Any secondary request will be disregarded and denied.

(2) Only available to non-current users of our Creator, Professional or Enterprise solutions. 1 free license request by requester and household.


Feel free to contact us for any additional questions.

I was raised to grow a passion for image science and technologies. After graduating with an Engineer degree in Telecommunications, I joined e-on software back in 2003 as the PR Manager. During my time at e-on, I got involved in many aspects of the company: software business development, product road maps and go to market strategies, technical and customer service, sales and BtoB, project development and delivery, and a lot more. After Bentley Systems acquired e-on software, I have accepted embracing new challenges in becoming the Director of Product Management for e-on software products. On my spare time, I love traveling the world as an avid Landscape photographer, and also enjoy playing guitar.

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