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Why e-on?

We believe that learning is the key to success - that's why we're proud to support teachers, students, and academic organizations worldwide with an affordable pricing for all our solutions.
VUE and PlantFactory are taught all around the world with an abundance of free learning tools available to your students at any time!
Using the right tool at the right time throughout any pipeline will give your students a key advantage in any industry. 
Take it from student Paul Sireau, whose artwork has inspired and impressed many with the help of VUE.


Referred to as "the MIT of visual effects" by Fast Company magazine, Gnomon aims towards helping their students reach their goals in the entertainment industry by emphasizing the creative process throughout their curriculum. 
Philippe Gaulier (Senior Art Director) and Olivier Pron (Supervising Art Director) sat down with Gnomon to share their experiences, methods, and techniques for creating concept art for visual films.


VFX Workshop

We've partnered with the VFX Workshop located in Paris, France to help their students gain access to the tools they need, when they need it. 
The VFX Workshop's philosophy is simple - to prepare their students for the expectations of today's studios and to change the way VFX and animation is traditionally taught.
Learn more on how the VFX Workshop has integrated our flagship products in this Spotlight Interview with Director, Renaud Jungmann.



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