Digital Art Live puts sci-fi artist, Artur Rosa, in their own spotlight! 

Artur Rosa_My Place by the Sea_VUE


Digital Art Live sat down with VUE Artist, Artur Rosa, in Portugal to talk about everything from his love of the ocean, his philosophy of beauty, and the techniques he uses to make his pictures! 


"I pursue beauty, not realism. The pursuit of realism is a finite road, the pursuit of beauty is an infinite freeway. When you pursue realism, once you've reached it, that's it, there's nothing beyond - end of the road."

Artur Rosa


Artur Rosa_Three Degrees of Freedom_VUE


You can find the full interview, along with some of Artur Rosa's work and inspiration, here. And be sure to keep up with the latest creations of Rosa through his Deviant Art portfolio!