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September 25, 2018, Instructor: Daniel Seebacher | 04:26:34

Advanced techniques in PlantFactory (webinar)

This four-hour webinar teaches advanced modelling techniques such as seasonality, dependencies, iteration nodes and much more.

Take your PlantFactory knowledge to an advanced level with this webinar hosted and led by Digital Art Live. The first session of the webinar focuses on creating a displaced tree stump with fractals and adding roots that grow over an object. Next, you will learn advanced seasonal material distributions by making leaves on the top of a tree canopy turn sooner than on the bottom.

In the second session, follow along to create a palm tree and animate it with wind. The webinar concludes with a section on iteration nodes and the autogrowth node.

Note: This webinar was recorded in a legacy version (PlantFactory 2016). Most techniques shown here are still valid for the most recent version of PlantFactory, but some parameters have changed since the recording and the interface has been redesigned.

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