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June 23, 2020, Instructor: Barry Marshall | 04:27

Denoisers in VUE

The path tracer render engine includes Nvidia's OptiX and Intel's Open Source Image Denoisers. Learn more about them in this tutorial.

Images rendered with the path tracer can be denoised with the Nvidia OptiX and Intel Open Source Image Denoisers. Path tracers are prone to noise and fireflies and denoisers can help removing these without needing to increase the rendering samples too much. Find out more about the denoising settings in this quick tip.

Note: The 2021.2 release added a third denoiser option, the AMD denoiser (not shown in this video) for even more flexibility. All three denoisers can now be adjusted in their denoising strength in the render settings, thus controlling the level of "aggressiveness" for noise removal.


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