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VUE PlantFactory
February 10, 2021, Instructor: Daniel Seebacher | 07:14

Export scenes to and create Arnold and V-Ray shaders in Cinema 4D

Discover the *.c4d scene export and the native shader creation for Arnold and V-Ray in Cinema 4D with the VUE and PlantFactory integration plugins.

This video shows how you can export or convert a VUE scene to Cinema 4D. With the rewritten scene export for native *.c4d files, entire EcoSystem populations can be brought into Cinema as standard or multi instances.

Alternatively to exporting a scene from VUE standalone, the conversion tool in the VUE integration plugin can create native materials for Arnold and V-RayTM inside of Cinema 4D. Just open the VUE scene with the plugin, convert the scene and render it with these render engines out of the box. Of course, the conversion also supports multi instances for EcoSystems.

Finally, the PlantFactory integration plugin can open procedural PlantFactory and PlantCatalog plants with all available customization options inside Cinema 4D and once again convert them to native polygon objects (with or without animation) with auto-generated materials for Arnold and V-Ray.


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