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VUE PlantFactory PlantCatalog
April 15, 2021, Instructor: Mathieu Riveccie & Daniel Seebacher | 40:44

#GTC21: Creating and integrating procedural digital nature

Get an overview about VUE's, PlantFactory's & PlantCatalog's procedural workflows and how they can integrate into Omniverse and other pipelines.

We were invited by Nvidia to present our integration workflows for VUE, PlantFactory & PlantCatalog at Nvidia's GTC in Spring 2021. In this presentation, we walk you through the basics of authoring procedural vegetation in PlantFactory and how to leverage USD asset and scene exports for integrating your projects into Nvidia Omniverse. Then, we talk about the available options for exporting and converting VUE scenes to other pipelines and render engines.

Please note that at the time of recording the presentation, we did not have live sync and Omniverse connectors for our products just yet. While the workflow shown in Maya is still valid, you will get a much better user experience with more capabilites by using our native live sync, connectors and extensions which we released publicly with the 2021.2 update. More information about our connectors can be found on our dedicated Omniverse page.

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