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VUE PlantFactory
November 28, 2018, Instructor: Daniel Seebacher | 04:14:52

Modelling flowers and smaller species (webinar)

Discover the flower node, node dependencies, modelling mushrooms and much more in this four hour webinar.

This two-part webinar hosted by Digital Art Live and led by Daniel Seebacher dives into modelling techniques for flowers and other smaller species such as mushrooms in PlantFactory. You will learn how to use the flower node, how to drive node parameters with other nodes, using advanced dependencies and hidden features such as probability distribution, how to publish parameters and create presets and much more.

You should already be familiar with the basics of PlantFactory to follow along with this webinar.

Note: This tutorial was recorded in a legacy version (VUE 2016). Most techniques shown here are still valid for the most recent version of VUE, but some parameters have changed since the recording and the interface has been redesigned.

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