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December 9, 2021, Instructor: Patrice Paradis | 02:58

Renderman materials for PlantFactory and PlantCatalog plants in Maya

With the integration plugin, any PlantFactory or PlantCatalog can be brought into Maya with native Renderman PxrSurface materials.

The PlantFactory integration plugin which is included with both PlantFactory Professional / Enterprise and with the full PlantCatalog collection can create native PxrSurface materials for Renderman in Maya. Just set the render engine to Renderman, load the procedural plant with the plugin and convert it to a Maya object. The conversion tool will take care of mapping PlantFactory's material channels and properties to a Renderman node graph.

The conversion will work with all Renderman 24.1 and up. Please note that the conversion feature is currently available for Maya 2020 and up.

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