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September 25, 2018, Instructor: Barry Marshall | 50:36

Snow cabin project

Explore a variety of material, EcoSystem, terrain and Metablob techniques for adding snow in this five-part project-based tutorial.

In this tutorial, you will learn tips and tricks for snow scenes. In the first lesson, you will learn how to use EcoSystems with primitives for adding metablobbed snow to objects. Lesson 2 covers adding an icicle EcoSystem, before snow material layers are created in the next video. Finally, a surrounding snow terrain gets sculpted in part 4 and final icy material adjustments conclude the project.

Note: This tutorial was recorded in a legacy version (VUE 2016). Most techniques shown here are still valid for the most recent version of VUE, but some parameters have changed since the recording and the interface has been redesigned.

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