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March 25, 2020, Instructor: Daniel Seebacher | 04:26:47

Spectral clouds unraveled (webinar)

In this two-part webinar, you will learn absolutely everything about spectral clouds, from the very basics to advanced cloud modulation functions.

Have you ever wondered how Spectral clouds work inside in VUE? How to have complete control over your cloud shapes and what all the modulation functions actually do? Or do you need an incentive to get started with the Function Editor? Then this webinar is for you.

Over the course of four hours, you will not only understand the difference between cloud layers and cloud materials, but also how to shape clouds with density and height, make them flow over terrains and export them as OpenVDB files. You will also get up to speed with working in the Function Editor.

This is a dense webinar with lots of information to take in. We suggest you work through the live recording in multiple sessions at your own pace.

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