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October 1, 2020, Instructor: Daniel Seebacher | 25:39

Understanding the Autogrowth node

The Autogrowth node can generate an entire tree within a single node. This three-part tutorial series explains all available parameters in the node.

Using PlantFactory's Autogrowth node, you can create a complete bush or tree model within seconds. The node is based on biological growth algorithms and growth iterations which automatically add maturity, growth and natural decay of branches to the model. The final plant can also be pruned into specific shapes using filter curves.

Because of these intricate biological simulations, the node has a steeper learning curve than other nodes and the amount of parameters that depend on each other can be overwhelming. At the same time, the node is the best solution for creating filler vegetation at a rapid pace.

In this tutorial, we will go through all settings in the Autogrowth node and learn what each one does and how it relates to other parameters. In part one, we will explore the general growth parameters. In part two, we will discover how to control the strength of a parameter through specialized age filters and in part three, we will prune the plant into different shapes.

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