PlantFactory Advanced: Webinar

Helen Leblanc

Mar 20, 2018 12:26:00 PM

Digital Art live tutorial PlantFactory Advanced Webinar

We’re presenting our next webinar series, “PlantFactory Advanced: Unraveling Deeper Layers in Procedural Plant Creation” by Daniel Seebacher and hosted by Digital Art Live!

In session one, newcomers will benefit from an introductory overview on the basics of the software in the “TPF in 10 minutes” crash course!

Other topics include Advanced Surface Modelling covering everything from;

  • Axis, Section and Profile Editors
  • Fractal Displacement
  • Modelling with Forces
  • Modelling Roots, and Growing Plants on Objects.

And Advanced Procedural Tools which dives into;

  • Auto-growth node in more detail
  • New leaf node features in TPF 2016 R4
  • Utilizing the nodes from the "miscellaneous” category
  • Randomness dependencies and custom randomness distribution
  • Cascading levels of inherited plant properties
  • “Smart” procedural materials that react to geometric plant changes
  • Graphing your plants the smart way for saving resources and generation time


Session two covers the LOD and Plant Creation for Game Engines along with;

  • Turning nodes on and off with LOD
  • Swapping different types of imported geometry with LOD
  • Adjusting the resolution with LOD
  • Working with billboards and cross-plane leaves
  • And an in-depth look at meshing options - including granular manual control of each plant part's polygon distribution

The second half of the webinar will focus on Building Advanced Interfaces with;

  • Controlling several plant values at nce
  • Creating sliders and drop-down menus
  • Swapping materials
  • Creating editors and meta-nodes
  • Creating presets!


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