PlantFactory Live Webinar: How to Model Flowers and Smaller Species

Helen Leblanc

Sep 4, 2018 2:08:32 PM

PlantFactory by Daniel Seebacher

We're presenting our next webinar by Daniel Seebacher on "Two Vital PlantFactory Projects: Modeling Flowers and Smaller Species" led by Digital Art Live! 

In this two-part series, participants will learn:

  • Different approaches to modelling petals and blossoms
  • How to use the now "flower node" introduced in PlantFactory 2016 R5 and refined in TPF R6
  • The differences between the different types of leaf creation techniques
  • How to add advances random deformations to leaves, stalks, and petals
  • How to create presets
  • How to use PlantFactory's dedicated editors and filter curves to model more intricate geometry 
  • How to work with realistic scale: modelling from the "small stuff" to the "bigger" stuff
  • Tips for creating your textures and materials
  • How to optimize the topology of your plant
  • How to animate your plant with wind
  • The influence of gravity and gravitropism
  • How to create presets and published interfaces
  • How to create meta nodes for automating tasks
  • How to graph your plants the "smart" way with clever dependencies




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