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Tips & Tricks: Creating a Snowy Scene

Barry Marshall

Jan 31, 2019 2:21:58 PM

In case you missed it! Barry Marshall presents this series of five Tips & Tricks where you'll learn a variety of techniques from the use of ecosystems to material distribution to produce a convincing snowy scene! Get started mastering your 3D skills below! 

Tips&Tricks with Barry Marshall


Part One: Metablob Snow

In this video we look at how to use an ecosystem to produce the effect of snow laying on a roof. This technique can be used on any surface, not just roofs.

The power of VUE’s ecosystems is further enhanced by changing our ecosystem into individual instances and changing those into a metablob.


Part Two: Icicle Ecosystem

Next, we'll look at producing icicles hanging from various parts of the building. The icicle in question is an imported mesh BUT it could have been made in VUE using a modified cone with a displaced material, then baked to polygons. 


Part Three: Snow Material Layers

We will now look at how to build up material layers and control their distribution to simulate ice/frost rising up from the ground.


Part Four: Simple Terrain Sculpting

It's time to learn how to quickly and easily set the snow-covered hut into a simple terrain using simple tools. 


Part Five: Material Distribution (Terrain)

In this final video we take an alternate look at material distribution, this time in terms of mixed materials (as opposed to layers) on a terrain.


Hope you enjoyed these Tips & Tricks with Barry Marshall! Stay tuned for more!

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