Advanced Atmospheres Clouds

VUE Webinar: Clouds Unravelled

Helen Leblanc

Jan 10, 2019 9:43:01 AM

Ready to reach new heights in VUE? This webinar will focus on working with spectral clouds in VUE, giving you the tools you need to aim high! 

VUE Webinar: The Ins and Outs of Cloud Design in VUE


Led by Daniel Seebacher and hosted by Digital Art Live, this webinar will teach you the fundamental concepts of working with Spectral Clouds in VUE. 

What you'll learn:
  • The differences between Cloud Materials and Cloud Layers
  • The differences between local & world coordinates
  • How Density, Opacity, & Sharpness interact with each other and how to shade a cloud properly
  • How to work with modulation functions and what they actually do
  • How all the different parameters influence each other
  • How to work in the Function Editor
  • How to control cloud shapes with fractals & noises
  • How to create under-lit sunsets
  • How to make clouds follow a terrain
  • How to limit clouds to user-defined areas by building the areas directly into the material
  • How to control the sharpness of clouds
  • How to set up the atmosphere correctly to produce great-looking god-rays
  • How to work with OpenVDB and convert mesh to clouds
  • How to speed up cloud rendering



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