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Date palm

Date palm
(Phoenix dactylifera)

Phoenix dactylifera, the date palm, is a 30-meter-tall palm, extensively cultivated and distributed since early civilizations in North Africa and the Middle East where it is believed to originate. The date palm has a narrower trunk than that of the Canary Islands, palms less thick, often more erect, shorter and bluish. Another of its characteristics is to reject from the plant foot, even sometimes to make several trunks following an accident. For date production the Phoenix dactylifera is now cultivated in all Mediterranean climates on the planet, especially in California, South America or Australia.

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Plant type
Climatic zone
Hardiness zone
Included versions
Polygon count
Published Parameters
High Detail (HD)
25 to 2 100k +/- 10%
Low Detail (LD)
12 to 1 100k +/- 10%
  • Included versions:
    • High Detail (HD)
    • Low Detail (LD)
  • HD version:
    • Polygon count: 25 to 2 100k +/- 10%
    • Maturity:
    • Health:
    • Season:
    • Presets: 78
    • Published Parameters: 30
  • LD version:
    • Polygon count: 12 to 1 100k +/- 10%
    • Maturity:
    • Health:
    • Season:
    • Presets: 78
    • Published Parameters: 30

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  • High quality smart materials that react to procedural parameters
  • Built-in wind animation, exportable* as rigged bones or point cloud animation
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*.USDA / *.USDC / *.USDZ
  • Free integration plugins from PlantFactory for directly loading the procedural *.tpf file format into 3DS Max, Cinema 4D or Maya with pre-built shaders for Arnold & V-Ray® (plugins for more applications are in development)*

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