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Artwork by Aron Kamolz

Design Like An Artist

Combine the power of procedural modelling with artistic control. With drawing, pruning and editing tools, you can art-direct your model up to each individual leaf, petal or twig. Each change you make with gizmo tools in the 3D view is reflected in a corresponding node parameter. You can even override settings for a specific copy, while keeping all other copies unaffected.

Drawing, Pruning And Editing

With the drawing tool, entire plants or just parts of them can be hand-drawn in the 3D view. Everything can serve as a brush: primitive geometry, existing plant parts from the node graph or pre-saved components from the component browser.
While drawing, PlantFactory creates an axis spline that follows the movement of the cursor. Switch to pruning and editing tools to remove, cut and prune or edit the axis spline shape of any geometry part. When generating new plant variations, the hand-drawn edits are preserved.

Component Workflow

While hand-drawing is great for hero parts of a model and for fine-tuning, it becomes impractical when adding hundreds of branches, twigs and leaves. That's why you can also use pre-made components for assembling a complete model. A component is a template for a plant part and it can be anything, from a single branch or trunk to a flower head, a group of leaves or even an entire branching structure.
Simply load a component from the content browser and add it with a single click. PlantFactory will distribute multiple copies of the component along the model, according to the growth rules setup within the component.
You can also create your own components  by grouping and saving nodes. PlantFactory's leaf cluster feature can automatically render textures of real 3D geometry and save them as leaf components for real-time models. Build your personal, ever-growing library of templates and pre-made plant parts.
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