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Artwork by Aron Kamolz

The Unlimited Procedural Vegetation Suite

PlantFactory is the most powerful solution on the market for modeling 3D vegetation. Its procedural, yet artist-friendly toolbox empowers you with unprecedented control over every detail. Create anything, from tiny mushrooms to majestic trees.
Whether you need ultra-realistic, high polygon plants for VFX and archviz, stylized vegetation for commercials or lightweight objects for real-time engines: PlantFactory will cover all your needs while integrating seamlessly into your pipeline.

Our Latest Release: PlantFactory 2023

What's new in PlantFactory

Why PlantFactory?

Geometry nodes

Procedural, Non-destructive Modeling

PlantFactory offers three different modeling methods that can be mixed and matched:
  • Draw plants with primitives or self-made brushes,
  • use components (building blocks)
  • or create everything from scratch with nodes.

Thanks to its open-ended design, PlantFactory can also generate non-organic objects with repeating structures easily.
Two LODs of a banana plant

Time Saving

UV-unwrapping and proper edge flow and topology are handled automatically by smart algorithms. Focus more on creating content and less on technical nuisances.
For topology, you can still opt to override PlantFactory's automatic algorithms and get full manual control over your mesh. Automatically derive LODs with less subdivisions from the hero mesh.
Different shape presets of a Norway spruce

Infinite Variations

Generate new variations of a plant with the click of a button. Design your own "plant engine" with presets and custom interfaces. Add growth / maturity, health and season and build multiple plant stages into a single file.
Animate the finished model with highly realistic wind algorithms that adapt their strengths to changes in the model. No matter the plant shape, there will always be a wind effect that will suit your needs.

Seamless Pipeline Integration


With PlantFactory, you can export your models not only to VUE, but to a wide variety of 3D formats, including FBX, Alembic and Pixar USD. Include animation data and bake procedural materials into bitmaps. Custom tailored export presets for many applications help with setting up the best options.
Free plugins for industry-leading DCC applications allow loading the original procedural file format natively into your target application. Change presets, edit parameters and generate new variations and then let the plugin setup pre-built shaders for each native render engine as well as for Arnold, Redshift, Renderman and V-Ray. 
PlantFactory also includes live sync to NVIDIA Omniverse and it ships with an Omniverse connector / extension plugin.

Artwork by Daniel Seebacher

Flexible Licenses

PlantFactory is bundled with VUE. Together, you have all the tools you need for creating breathtaking CG environments. We offer both monthly and annual licenses.
Our products are available in two versions:
Choose between PlantFactory & VUE Creator and PlantFactory & VUE Professional. 
More info about licenses
Additionally, we offer an Enterprise bundle which includes PlantFactory & VUE Professional, 25 Rendernodes and our PlantCatalog on top (see below).
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See PlantFactory in Action

Interested in witnessing what PlantFactory's technology is capable of?
Then check out PlantCatalog, our ever-growing library of botanically accurate, high quality vegetation models for VFX, archivz and real-time, created with PlantFactory's powerful procedural technologies.
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