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Natural Elements

Artwork by Alen Vejzovic

Enrich Your Environments

VUE includes additional tools for adding additional natural details to a scene such as rocks and pebbles, open bodies of water, displaceable metablobs and primitives or spline tools for river carving, roads or abstract effects.
Probe by Barry Marshall

Open Water Bodies

Based on a special type of infinite terrain driven by nodes, the Water Surface Editor lets you control the look of infinite open water surfaces for oceans and lakes. 


The editor provides an easy-to-use interface that controls a function graph in the background. Switch from still water to stormy weather, complete with foam at the tip of the waves. The editor offers either a global slider or a set of parameters to control the water surface more accurately. 


You can further customize the look of your water using the Water Surface Editor-compatible MetaWater materials. Water looks equally good from above and below. Create beautiful underwater scenes with volumetric light breaking through the water surface.


Artwork by Barry Marshall

Artwork by Barry Marshall


Splines and Roads

Use splines to distribute EcoSystems, carve riverbeds into terrains or extrude geometry along the spline. The spline editor includes options for EcoSystem distribution & masking, elevating or digging into a terrain and for creating, roads, ribbons or railway tracks. Import vector data in SVG format or hand-draw splines in the viewports.

When using the Integration plugins in VUE Professional & Enterprise, native host application spline tools can be combined with VUE's spline features.

Artwork by Artur Rosa


Procedural Rocks, Boulders and Pebbles

Choose from a library of dynamic rock templates that can be used to instantly create single rocks and groups of rocks. Each time you create a rock from a template, a new and unique variation will be generated.

You can use the rock technology to populate your EcoSystems or interactively scatter rocks into your scenes. Simply add new rock templates to your EcoSystem or EcoPainter tools by drag-dropping the rock templates to your EcoSystem population list.

For added realism, each rock type used in an EcoSystem automatically generates variations.

Next to procedural rocks, you can also combine primitive geometry to metablobs and displace them with procedural materials for archways, cliffs and other rock formations.

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