Sylvia-Kathrin Tanneberger
My name is Sylvia-Kathrin, I'm a self-employed freelancer developing software for mobile devices with iOS and Android OS. My career as a 3D hobbyist began with the purchase of VUE 2014 Complete and Daz3D Studio. I began learning about the software on my own and through online tutorials. I quickly learned how to create some appealing images that I was able to give away to friends as prints on a photo canvas. Designing landscapes with VUE compensates for my often stressful work as a software developer. I get my inspiration for VUE from nature, through professional projects, and when listening to classical music. Gallery:

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VUE Learning

Making Of: "Lake in the Mountains"

I am a freelancer, software developer, and 3D hobbyist. Creating landscapes with VUE is one way for me to relax after a hard working day. "Lake In The Mountains" was inspired by a stay in Switzerland.

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