In the Spotlight - This week, Bryan Adams


Bryan Adams is a background/sky and lighting artist working in the gaming industry. Bryan discovered his passion of skies early on and was able to learn from other artists to grow and develop his passion to where he is today.
Check out how Bryan got started in the industry, how he uses VUE to create his work, and some of the advice and inspiration he shares in this Spotlight Interview!

Julia Laatsch

Meet Julia Laatsch whose curiosity and light-hearted spirit helps her push the boundaries of her creativity through her photography. Julia’s unique way of combining computer graphics (CG) with photography has opened endless possibilities of what she can achieve in her work. 
Check out what she has to say on pursuing her passion, her start with VUE, advice for newcomers, and more, in this Spotlight Interview! 



Christian Hecker

Meet artist Christian Hecker, or as some may know him – ‘Tigaer’, whose love for movies, media, and technology drove him to enter a career in CG! Christian has worked on a number of projects throughout his career, but there’s no doubt his focus on creating stunning sci-fi and fantasy scenes has put him on the map!
Check out what Christian has to say on everything from how he got started, what his experience is with VUE, where he gets his inspiration and more in this Spotlight Interview!

 Mikko Kriek

Meet archaeological illustrator, Mikko Kriek, who demonstrates the importance of visualization outside of just the media and entertainment industry! Mikko is in charge of creating everything from historical and archaeological landscapes to architectural reconstruction illustrations and more for a number of international and domestic clients.
Don’t miss what he has to share on how he began his career in archaeology, how he uses VUE to get the job done, and the advice he has for newcomers in the industry.


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