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In the Spotlight - This week, Antony Carlyon


Meet graphic designer and aspiring 2D concept artist, Antony Carlyon. Antony works as a creative lead for an in-house agency in England. His artwork truly showcases the passion he has for his career and is what drives him to create the inspiring and stunning work we see today.
Find out what Antony says on his experience with VUE, his passion for digital art, and his advice for newcomers!


Meet Khalid, founder and director of Muharraqui Studios. Khalid is an artist and designer working on a number of architectural visualizations. Khalid is always looking for new challenges to expand his creativity and gain momentum as a studio.
Find out what Khalid has to say on how he uses VUE, the projects he’s worked on, and more, in this Spotlight Interview!



Stefan Misirdzhiev

Meet concept artist, Stefan Misirdzhiev. Stefan currently works for a digital marketing company, but his passion for art is what drives him to continue creating stunning scenes day after day. Whether he’s creating a sci-fi scene, environment, or character, Stefan challenges himself to put his best foot forward with each new concept.
Learn what Stefan has to say on his experience with VUE, and how it has helped him in his creative process, his advice for others, and his tips for learning a new software.

 Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams is a background/sky and lighting artist working in the gaming industry. Bryan discovered his passion of skies early on and was able to learn from other artists to grow and develop his passion to where he is today.
Check out how Bryan got started in the industry, how he uses VUE to create his work, and some of the advice and inspiration he shares in this Spotlight Interview!


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