Dear fellow artists,

We have great news to share. We would like you to join us in warmly welcoming Daniel Seebacher to the e-on family.

Daniel joined us on May the 4th (the force is strong with this one!) and will be wearing the challenging hat of being our new Product Marketing Specialist.

For many of you, Daniel is no stranger. He's been helping hundreds of VUE and PlantFactory users, always willing to share his knowledge with the community and help users grow their knowledge and expertise in many areas of our tools, from generating top notch cloud layers (see the above render!), to designing your very own vegetation models. He knows our technology in and out and was also a very active beta tester throughout the years.

More recently he has also produced many tutorials, webinars, tips and tricks videos and articles on PlantFactory – with new exclusive ones to soon be published in our upcoming revamped learning center - helping many of you to decipher the intricate complexities of modeling procedural vegetation.

I for one am very grateful that Daniel accepted to join the band and know for fact that the whole team has put a lot of pressure already on his shoulders!

So, from all of us at e-on, welcome to the family Daniel!

Matt Riveccie
Director of product management

Here's a message Daniel also wanted to share with you all:

Hi everyone,

May the 4th was with me, because that's when I joined the e-on team. My name is Daniel and VUE was my entry point into 3D as a hobby and an industry. My first version was Vue 4 and over the years, I watched the software grow and mature. VUE sparked my interest to delve more deeply into 3D and nowadays, I am using mainly VUE, PlantFactory and Cinema 4D, with Blender and Unreal being on my personal “currently-learning”-list.

In the last few years, I created tutorials and webinars for e-on and held on-site workshops with customers on a freelancing basis. I am so excited to join the e-on team, because it allows me to turn my passion into a profession.

As Product Marketing Specialist, I will not only ensure that you know when a new update is out on all of our Social Media channels 😉 I will also create more learning content for you, the community, and help in establishing more interaction and communication between you, the users, and us at e-on / Bentley. Especially in these challenging times, we want to stay in touch with you and use your feedback to produce more and better resources on our software offerings. So keep the feedback and ideas coming 😊.

I hope you are looking forward to all the great projects that we'll have in store for you in the long run as much as I do.

Daniel Seebacher
Product Marketing Specialist

Matt Riveccie I was raised to grow a passion for image science and technologies. After graduating with an Engineer degree in Telecommunications, I joined e-on software back in 2003 as the PR Manager. During my time at e-on, I got involved in many aspects of the company: software business development, product road maps and go to market strategies, technical and customer service, sales and BtoB, project development and delivery, and a lot more. After Bentley Systems acquired e-on software, I have accepted embracing new challenges in becoming the Director of Product Management for e-on software products. On my spare time, I love traveling the world as an avid Landscape photographer, and also enjoy playing guitar.