On April 15, 2021, discover the latest advancements in procedural digital nature authoring as we take you through a tour of the 2021.1 version of VUE, PlantFactory, and PlantCatalog.


Mark your calendars to April 15, 2021, 9-10 AM CST (4-5PM CEST) as we invite you to attend our Creating and Integrating Procedural Digital Nature tech-talk at this year's NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC).

In this presentation, we will explore toolsets for authoring natural assets, from wind-swept vegetation to infinitely detailed terrains, skies, and complete digital ecosystems with real-world population rules.

Learn how to integrate procedural tools into your production pipeline using plugins, conversion processes, and USD export.

Whether you are authoring content for VFX workflows in Maya, 3DS Max, or Cinema 4D or for NVIDIA's new Omniverse and real-time pipelines — we will cover different workflows and integration approaches.

Discover the pros and cons of each approach and get a glimpse of future developments of natural environment creation.

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We'll be happy to meet you there, and answer your questions during a live chat session during the presentation. GTC registration is completely free, so don't hesitate!

You may also be interested in checking what the whole Bentley Systems group will be presenting so here is the full Bentley Systems tech-talks session calendar:

NVIDIA GTC 2021 - Conference and training, April 12-16, 2021: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/gtc/

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