Autumn is around the corner, but you're just not ready yet for colder temperatures? Then the new PlantCatalog update brings back those summer feelings with 15 new species from warm and humid regions.

Mangrove swamp by Daniel Seebacher 1080p postworked

Swamps and wetlands

The new batch of plants is particularly well suited for swamps and wetlands. One of the most prominent species for these biomes are mangrove trees. Fill your scenes with any of the almost 300 mangrove presets. Or try the bald cypress trees with 575 presets.

Of course, no swamp scene would be complete without giant mosses and airplants, so we're including those as well. For that extra bit of color, bromelias of different colors and varieties complete this release.

Baldcypress swamp by Daniel Seebacher 1080p postworked


Here is a list of all new species:

Baldcypress lone (Taxodium distichum lone)
Baldcypress forest (Taxodium distichum forest)
Baldcypress urban (Taxodium distichum urban)
Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides)
Giant airplant (Tillandsia utriculata)
Lobster claw (Vriesea carinata)
Flaming sword (Vriesea splendens)
Scarlet star fuchsia (Guzmania lingulata fuchsia)
Scarlet star pink (Guzmania lingulata pink)
Scarlet star red (Guzmania lingulata red)
Scarlet star white (Guzmania lingulata white)
Scarlet star yellow (Guzmania lingulata yellow)
Mangrove tree lone (Rhizophora lone)
Mangrove tree forest (Rhizophora forest)
Mangrove tree seedling (Rhizophora seedling)

Please head to the Software Center and download the 2023.3 plant archive.

As a reminder, make sure you are on the latest build which we released a few weeks ago - the 2023 Hotfix 2 software updates for all our applications - which offers updated compatibility with host applications such as 3ds Max and Maya 2024, as well as Unreal Engine 5.2.

Download now

The plant archives are now full installers which automatically copy all plant species files to the directory specified in the PlantCatalog Exporter (or VUE & PlantFactory) program options.

Also, on our YouTube channel, you can watch all new PlantCatalog species in action. Subscribe and don't miss out on the next updates to the Catalog.

Enjoy the update and happy rendering.

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