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February 10, 2021, Instructor: Daniel Seebacher | 03:20

Creating Leaf Clusters in PlantFactory

Bake 3D geometry into a leaf cluster texture and then use the newly created leaf cluster component for switching between high-res and low-res leaves.

PlantFactory 2021.1 introduces Leaf Cluster baking. Model branches and leaves as 3D geometry and then bake them to a texture with multiple material channels. Alongside the baked texture, PlantFactory also exports a pre-made leaf component that can be used to quickly add the newly created cluster into an existing scene.

By using the Geometry target selector node, you can then build both a high-resolution version of the model for VFX and offline rendering as well as a low-resolution model for real-time projects into the same scene file. With this workflow, you can switch between both versions at any time while reusing the existing node setup for parts of the model that both versions have in common.

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