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January 11, 2023, Instructor: Daniel Seebacher | 25:44

Mastering iteration nodes in PlantFactory

Iteration nodes are one of the most powerful features in PlantFactory. By designing loops, you can create complex models with just a few nodes.

Have you ever struggled with creating believable trees and bushes which look organic and convincing and don't require hours of tweaking? Then you should try the iteration nodes in PlantFactory.

Just like in programming, you can design loops within the plant graph which will be executed by PlantFactory several times in a row. Thanks to inheritance settings, you can easily achieve natural and recursive fractal growth patterns. And for even more flexibility, loops can even be nested inside other loops!

Watch this course to understand the workflow by building a Japanese maple tree. Iteration nodes do have a bit of a learning curve, but we will guide you through each step along the journey.

Download the materials for this tutorial here: Download project files

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