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VUE PlantFactory
September 11, 2019, Instructor: Daniel Seebacher | 01:28:09

Modelling a flower from scratch

Create your very first node-based model from scratch in PlantFactory and learn core techniques such as curve editing, presets and exporting to VUE.

If you are new to PlantFactory and want to learn the complete workflow how to model a plant from scratch with nodes, then this tutorial series is a good place to get started. By creating a simple flower model, you will explore the most common modelling features.

The six lessons cover essential techniques such as parent and child relationships, curve editing, the different types of leave nodes available in the graph, preset creation and wind settings. At the end, the flower will be exported to VUE and you will learn about the PlantFactory bridge in VUE.

Download the textures for this project here.

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