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November 30, 2023, Instructor: Patrice Paradis | 07:53

Syncing cameras between VUE and 3ds Max and Maya

Learn how to import cameras from a VUE scene into 3ds Max and Maya and vice versa, including animation.

With the VUE plugin, you can duplicate cameras from the VUE scene within a native 3ds Max or Maya scene to render the scene in the host application with the same camera settings. At the same time, cameras created in 3ds Max or Maya can be imported into VUE as *.FBX files.

Patrice Paradis explains the workflow for both cases, including any required unit conversions between the host app and VUE, as well as how to transfer a camera animation created in the host app back to VUE standalone.

The workflows differ for 3ds Max and Maya, so view the appropriate video from the playlist below.

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