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February 10, 2021, Instructor: Daniel Seebacher | 04:44

USD export in VUE & PlantFactory

VUE, PlantFactory and PlantCatalog Exporter support exporting plants, cameras, skies, materials and EcoSystems to USD format.

Pixar's Universal Scene Description (USD) file format is becoming an increasingly popular format for exchanging scene data between applications. Not only is USD very efficient with streaming large scene data, it also aims to solve the interoperability issues and file limitations that other 3D formats bring with it. Because the file format is Open Source, industry adoption is growing constantly.

All of our products support exporting entire scenes or plant models as USD files, with or without animation. NVIDIA's Omniverse is a high-end alternative to Pixar's USD view application for viewing USD data or assembling full USD stages with exported USD files from different applications.

This tutorial shows how to export USD from VUE and PlantFactory (or PlantCatalog Exporter) with support for point instances, cameras, lights and more. We are using Omniverse to view, examine and reuse the exported data.

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