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Our New Features!


Release 2021.1

Check out some of the new features we've included in this release. For a comprehensive change log, please head over to the Release Notes page. On our blog, you will find in-depth information on how to use the new features and improvements.

C4D feature page

Deep integration with Cinema 4D

Support for Arnold & V-Ray, rewritten native export, PlantFactory plugin tech preview.

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V-Ray Arnold feature page

Support for Arnold & V-Ray 5

Both the PlantFactory and the VUE plugins support automatic material creation for Arnold & V-Ray 5 in 3DS Max, Maya and Cinema 4D.

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USD Export

Export sky & atmospheres, objects, Ecosystems and cameras as USD to other applications. This includes materials and point instances.

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Octopus 300 content items

300 new content items

This release adds 300 additional content items to the content libraries, hence completing the release of all former C3D content.

Substance feature

Substance GPU Engine

WIth the inclusion of the Substance GPU engine, Substance materials can be computed with massive speed gains up to 200% and more, depending on the material.

June 2020

Improved displacement

Improved Displacement

Displacement has been vastly improved and now features three dedicated subdivision strategies.



The Path Tracer now works with the Intel Open-Source Image and Nvidia OptiX denoisers.

Satellite Maps for Real-world Terrains

Satellite Maps for Real-world Terrains

Real-world Terrains can now be imported with optional texture maps for easy texturing.

Cloud Morphing Enhancements

Cloud Morphing Enhancements

Cloud Morphing now has a simplified interface and supports material morphing.

PBR Workflow Improvements

PBR Workflow Improvements

Setting up PBR materials is greatly facilitated with automated and custom file tag and channel recognition.

Substance Support Improvements

Substance Support Improvements

Performance enhancements and new rotation options make working with Substances even easier.

New content items

350 new content items

This release adds 350 new content items, including atmospheres, materials, vehicles, animals and much more.

New and redesigned PBR-compliant Viewport

New and Redesigned PBR-compliant Viewport

The viewport in PlantFactory now accurately represents PBR shaders by adding a customizable sky model.

Support for Arnold & Vray next in the TPF Plugin

Support for Arnold & Vray next in the TPF Plugin

The PlantFactory integration plugin now supports the most recent versions of Arnold & Vray next in 3ds Max & Maya.

December 2019


Real World Terrain

This brand-new option allows you to select any location on the planet and extract the underlying terrain altitude data. 

VUE 3D clouds morphed to simulated an erupting volcano

Cloud Morphing

Cloud animations can be exported as animated VDBs. Additionally you can morph two MetaClouds together. This new technology automatically creates a smooth interpolation between the two cloud geometries and material looks.

PlantFactory 3D vegetation model natively loaded in 3ds Max and rendered with VRay

PlantFactory Importer Plugins

[Tech Preview] These new plugins for 3ds Max and Maya allow for loading, editing health, maturity and season as well as published parameters and converting native PlantFactory content within the host application.

VUE Rock rendered in Blender with all PBR channels baked from VUE procedural materials

Procedural Material Baking to PBR

You can now bake and export the Metallic/Roughness PBR channels from your authored procedural materials to textured maps. 

R3_New content-1

250+ New Assets

Includes a new batch of over 250 3D assets comprised of atmospheres, materials, vehicles, animals, sample scenes, etc.


10 New Plant Species

The Plant Catalog receives a new batch of 10 HD and LD - botanically accurate - vegetation species.

August 2019

Orthographic camer_r3_2019

Orthographic projection camera

Reproduce architectural and engineering styled illustrations without perspective. For example, you can compose game levels and correctly preview them before migrating them into your chosen host application.

Support for VRay Next_r3_2019

Support for VRay Next

The VUE plugin for 3ds Max and Maya is now natively compatible with VRay Next for both Hybrid rendering and the Convert tool.

R3_New content-1

350+ new collection assets

This release includes a first batch of over 350 official e-on 3D assets containing atmospheres, materials, vehicles, buildings, animals, and more.

April 2019


Load objects from your scene directly into an EcoSystem.

This new feature enhances user workflow by making it even easier to build EcoSystems. Any object, plant, stone etc. can now be loaded into an EcoSystem directly from your scene.

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New tools added in VDB and Cloud materials

We have added increased functionality to the cloud material editor. Cloud materials can now be edited exactly the same way as cloud layer materials, either at the front end of the material or dive into the function editor.

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New features in material handling within the Path Tracer

We have added some very useful additions to the path tracer. The engine now supports back lighting, displacement, camera backdrops, coloured highlights and emissive materials.

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Rendering in PlantFactory using the Path Tracer.

You can now not only render your plant using the path tracer but also make full use of interactive path tracing in real time - say to preview all your PBR materials for instance.

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December 2018


PBR Materials

Now fully compliant with the PBR metal/roughness workflow and includes a Specular to metal/roughness converter.

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Metacloud 400x400


The new convert to cloud technology enables Artists to convert any kind of 3D mesh to a standalone cloud – fully volumetrically textured.

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VDB 400x400


Ability to export 3D standalone clouds and volumetric cloud layers to other applications as industry standard OpenVDB volumes.

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new interface

User Interface

Creativity comes first. With a new modern, clean design - users are able to focus on what really matters, their artwork.