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Infinite Customization

Artwork by Aron Kamolz

Full Vegetation Engines

PlantFactory models are not just static. They contain a whole vegetation engine. Instead of designing multiple models, different plant stages can be built into a single file, reusing existing nodes and materials.
Model a plant once and then create infinite, customizable plant stages and variations. With PlantFactory, no two models will ever look the same.

Random Variations

Each node parameter can be randomized. By entering a plus / minus variation to the base value, PlantFactory will pick a random value from the total range. The randomness behavior and the probabilities for each value can be controlled through a variety of criteria.
Favorite random variations can be saved into a list and reloaded at any point.
Seasonal variations of an oak tree

Maturity / Growth, Health and Seasonality


Link any node parameter to maturity / growth, health and season. Make plants grow, decay and change leaves. Thanks to customizable probabilities and dependencies, there is no limit to how much detail you can add to each plant stage.
Exporting the procedural plant model in VUE, these properties can even be keyframed and animated.*
*Animation within PlantFactory is currently in development
Different shape presets of a Norway spruce

Published Parameters and Presets

Any node parameter can be published to a top-level interface. Build custom vegetation engines for each model with easy to use sliders and checkboxes.
Generate presets which store the state of each published parameter and switch between the stored plant stages and shapes.

Granular Control

Sometimes, a random parameter can produce unwanted variations. Probability editors provide the ultimate control over how PlantFactory picks random values and generates new variations. Exclude unwanted values from randomness ranges, switch between absolute and relative randomness and make randomness of one parameter depend on the randomness range of another parameter.
With so much granularity, no detail slips through the cracks.
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