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Topology & LODs

Artwork by Aron Kamolz

Ready for Real-Time

Saving polygons and resources is essential when modelling for games and real-time pipelines. PlantFactory's smart meshing algorithms take care of topology and edge flow, including subdivision surface transitions between plant parts, while increasing polygon density only where necessary. Add or remove subdivisions on the fly and switch to manual meshing parameters for maximum control. Create as many LODs (Levels of detail) as you want and let PlantFactory automatically decimate the model with each new LOD.
A trunk with quads and Subdivision Surface blending

Quads and Triangles

Switch between quads, triangles or a mix of both. PlantFactory recomputes the geometry on the fly with minimal to no changes to the overall shape. Create clean transitions between trunk and branches with the help of Subdivision Surface blending or save polygons with a normal-based blending in transition areas.
Manual meshing

Automatic and Manual Meshing

PlantFactory includes several meshing algorithms for creating clean, uniform polygon distribution as well as adaptive algorithms. These save polygons in areas where they are not needed at the cost of introducing N-gons.
When you need full control over your mesh, switch to manual meshing. New controls in each node allow setting the number of polygons for each plant part individually with customizable falloffs and distributions through curves. 
Stylized geometry

Geometry Targets

Special nodes allow creating both highly detailed VFX models for offline rendering and efficient real-time models in the same scene. Reuse node setups and materials throughout both geometry target modes and replace only what's necessary. You can then switch back and forth between both model versions with the click of a button.
An additional stylized meshing mode automatically generates low-poly, cartoony geometry out of the overall plant shape. This is particularly useful when lightweight placeholder meshes are needed, for example in pre-visualization.
Two LODs of a banana plant

LODs (Levels Of Detail)

Each new scene automatically creates by default five LODs with less subdivisions out of the full resolution model. The amount of simplification is user-definable. Add more LODs or remove unneeded ones and replace or disable entire node structures with lower LODs. Using PlantFactory's leaf cluster feature, 3D geometry can be baked into textured crossed plane leaves, which are ideal for real-time pipelines.

LODs are exported alongside the hero mesh with optionally lower resolution textures. In VUE, they are used automatically in distant EcoSystems and procedural PlantFactory plants.
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