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Texturing & UV-Unwrapping

Artwork by Aron Kamolz

Texturing Made Easy

PlantFactory offers flexible texturing and unwrapping features. Choose from PBR and standard materials, Substances or PlantFactory's own procedural material system. UV-unwrapping is done automatically with a choice of different algorithms. Spend more time creating plants and less time worrying about seam placement.
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Substance Integration

Use Substance materials in *.sbsar format in PlantFactory. Substance support is included automatically and does not require additional plugin installation. Take advantage of Substance's fast GPU engine for rapid material computation or switch to the CPU engine for network jobs and backward compatibility.
Each Substance file is loaded as a node into the material shading graph so that it can be optionally combined with or driven by other material nodes.
Node-based materials

Procedural Materials

Design materials from scratch with PlantFactory's powerful node-based material system. An artist-friendly frontend facilitates editing simple bitmap-based materials without the need to even dive into the shader graph. Select between standard and PBR materials and craft materials with noises, fractals or pre-made bitmap textures.
Materials can depend on plant characteristics such as plant shape properties, maturity / growth, health and season. Create smart materials that adapt to shape and condition changes in the model.
With two-sided materials, realistic leaves that look distinctively different on their front and back sides are easy to create.


PlantFactory handles UV-unwrapping automatically in the background. Simply adjust the tiling and mode in each node and let the software do the hard work. By default, PlantFactory creates stacked UVs for best texture efficiency and high texel density. When exporting to 3D painting applications, the entire model or just selected parts of it can also be fully unwrapped. With additional support for UDIMs and Ptex, your models will fit into any production pipeline.

Material export

Procedural materials can be baked to texture maps with varying resolution during export. Existing texture maps are dumped to disk. Optionally, bake additional Ambient Occlusion information from the 3D model. Using the integration plugins as an alternative to export, native materials for different render engines can be setup automatically.
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