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Creator Solution

The right solution for Passionate Creators

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Be Creative

Are you passionate about creating stunning, natural 3D environments? 
This solution lets you recreate your wildest digital ideas - from photorealistic natural landscapes, terrains, sci-fi or fantasy scenes, to abstract art, and more! If you dream it, you can create it! 
The Creator Solution balances both your budget and creativity by combining both VUE and PlantFactory - Creator Editions to fit all of your artistic needs!


Easy to learn, easy to use!
Create vast expanses of everything from terrains to full planets, add new vegetation or create your own, select the best point of view and render hyper realistic images, animations, VR panoramas or stereoscopics of your landscapes in moody atmospheres. The best part? This can all be done in just a few clicks.
Benefit from a fantastic, hyperactive community of users where you can share, inspire, and learn from one another and grow with our endless supply of Tips & Tricks, Tutorials, and Webinars!

Unrivaled Natural 3D Creation

We’ve got the power!
Our fully procedural technology for terrains, materials, vegetation, cloud layers, and more is the perfect asset to your creative pipeline!  
Profit from the ability to interactively paint entire forests, generate advanced ecosystem population rules, and create your own vegetation species – start from a preset, or from scratch!
You can also import your content in all popular 3D formats, load, re-pose and render Poser and DAZ content, convert any mesh to cloud volumes, and for ultra-realistic effects, texture everything with PBR materials – and this is just scratching the surface of what you can achieve!


Lights, camera, action!
Brace yourself for the 4th dimension with our Creator Solution that lets you animate anything from skies, cloud layers, objects, vegetation, materials, terrains, cameras, you name it!
Need more horsepower? Convert up to 5 additional computers to create your personal render farm.

Preset Content

Filled to the brim!
We wouldn’t leave you high and dry! Our solution is packed with the content you need to focus on your creativity!
Take advantage of our countless vegetation species and components, atmospheres, terrains, clouds, brush tools & presets, PBR materials, and more!


Comprises VUE Creator and PlantFactory Creator - an attractive solution for artists to continue creating at a reasonable price.




Includes VUE and PlantFactory - a solution for professionals and freelancers to enhance their artwork at any point within their workflow.




Bundles VUE, PlantFactory, 25 RenderNodes Network Rendering licenses, and the PlantCatalog - an ever-growing library of new vegetation species.